Can I Drink Milk On The Mediterranean Diet?

Can I Drink Milk On The Mediterranean Diet

For many of us, milk is a staple of our everyday diets. Milk is added to different meals we prepare and often to coffee to add some cream. However, milk might not be the healthiest food item you want to add to the Mediterranean diet.  Can I drink milk on the Mediterranean diet?

If we look at the general term of the word milk, you can add it to the Mediterranean diet. However, it all depends on which milk you choose to add to your diet. Cow milk might be fine, but you want to consider unsweetened soymilk or almond milk if you want the healthiest option with the least fat and most nutritional value.

If you love milk and you like to keep it in your Mediterranean diet, you might want to consider this article. We will be looking at which milk types are the best for the Mediterranean diet. Additionally, you will find out how healthy some of these options can be. It should be a great read for someone who enjoys milk.

Can I Drink Milk On The Mediterranean Diet?

Choosing whether you want to drink milk will hinge on lactose intolerance just as much as your diet. If you are lactose intolerant, you might not be able to digest milk effectively. However, cow milk is often seen as a bad option. While you can add it to your Mediterranean diet, it is not the most milk type you want to focus on.

There are many alternatives to cow milk, and while it might have high levels of whey protein, it is still very high in fat content. Unfortunately, the high-fat content could put you off and add some unwanted calories to your diet. Some of the alternatives, like almond milk and unsweetened soymilk, are much healthier.

Both of these are lower in calories, and they are lower in saturated fats. Since both are derived from nature, you avoid the additional animal fat that is often found in cow milk. Many might even argue that having almond milk as part of your Mediterranean diet means that you have access to additional protein, which is true.

The conclusion we can draw from comparing these kinds of milk against soymilk and almond milk is that you want to consider something that comes from nature. While you can enjoy cow milk every once in a while, it is not the best option for those looking to lose weight or people following the Mediterranean diet. Almond and soymilk are better. Here is what you need to know about Almond milk and soymilk:

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Benefits of Almond Milk

Almond milk is one of the first alternatives people jump to when looking for a good replacement for cow milk. It is derived from the sap found in almond nuts. Almond nuts are also some of the healthiest nuts on the market today. It is not only packed full of protein but contains plenty of omega-three fatty acids for your body. Here are some of the main benefits:

Low In Sugar And Calories

One of the first things you will notice is that it is very low in calories and sugar. Since normal cow milk is high in these two nutrients, you will consume more almond milk. Reducing your total calories is a great way to lose weight.

High In Calcium

One of the main reasons we consume plenty of milk is to add some calcium to our bodies. Your bone structure needs calcium to be protected and to function at optimal levels. Fortunately, almond milk is packed with calcium.


One of the biggest benefits of switching to almond milk is that there is no lactose in these products. Nowadays, many people are allergic to lactose, which means that consuming plenty of almond milk will not cause you to pass gas or feel bloated.

Good Protein Source

As mentioned, almond nuts are packed with protein, and many bodybuilders choose them as part of their diet to enhance their protein intake. When you consume almond milk, you will find that it is packed with some of the same protein levels. Mixing it with your protein powder could give you a significant boost in protein.

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Benefits of Soy Milk

 Soymilk is another of the top options for those living a vegan lifestyle of sticking to the Mediterranean diet. Soymilk is derived from soybeans, and it is packed with healthy nutrients to improve your nutrition. Here are some of the main benefits of adding soymilk to your diet.

Vitamin A & B

One of the first benefits of soymilk is that it is great for vitamin content. The protein source is packed full of vitamin A & B, making it a great option for the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is all about choosing foods high in nutrients.

Low In Calories

Much like almond milk, adding soymilk to your diet is a great way to lower the calories you are consuming. The product tends to be gluten-free, and you won’t need to deal with any other harmful additives.

High In Calcium

While all milk tends to be high in calcium, soymilk and almond milk have more calcium the cow milk. Calcium is the most abundant nutrient in your body, and your body needs plenty of it to ensure optimal function. The great thing about soymilk is that you have a clean source of calcium that should not add too many calories to your diet.

Milk On The Mediterranean Diet Summary

Milk is a vital part of our existence, and if you cut out milk from your diet, you need to find an alternative source of calcium and other minerals. However, cow milk is not as healthy as many other sources, making soymilk and almond milk some of the best options available. Let us know in the comment section what you think about replacing cow milk with soymilk and almond milk.

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Milk On The Mediterranean Diet

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