Can I Eat Ice Cream On The Mediterranean Diet?

Can I Eat Ice Cream On The Mediterranean Diet

When looking at the Mediterranean diet, you will find that it is by no means a strict diet, and you can often eat a variety of different foods when you follow the diet. However, ice cream is something we all love, and many people will do anything to add ice cream to their diet.

Can I eat ice cream on the Mediterranean diet?

It is very rare for people to recommend ice cream on the Mediterranean diet. However, you can add something sweet now and again. The important thing you have to keep in mind is that you will need to add it sparingly. This means that you won’t have the opportunity to indulge or overeat when eating ice cream.

Since ice cream is one of the most popular treats, we have decided to help you understand how you can incorporate ice cream into the Mediterranean diet. The article will focus on some of the tips that you can use to add to your diet. We also look at how much ice cream you can eat when following this diet.

Can I Eat Ice Cream On The Mediterranean Diet?

Dairy is one of the main foods you have to avoid when you are on the Mediterranean diet. However, a sweet treat like ice cream is something we all welcome from time to time. The traditional Mediterranean diet will not have ice cream as part of your meal plan. However, a couple of small serving each week will not do any harm.

It is important that you keep self-discipline and only try to eat ice cream once or twice per week. On the days that you add ice cream to your diet, you might need to cut some of the other foods. Even though you are adding ice cream, your calories will always need to be balanced to ensure that you don’t exceed the recommended daily intake.

As an alternative, you might want to consider adding sorbet or gelato to your diet to replace ice cream. These two alternatives have a very similar taste to ice cream, but they often have far fewer calories, which means that it is much easier for you to consume and enjoy more often.

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5 Ways To Make Ice Cream Mediterranean Diet-Friendly

Now that you have some basic knowledge of ice cream and the Mediterranean diet, you might also want to consider a couple of these tips. We have done some research and found a couple of ways that you can use to make ice cream more Mediterranean diet-friendly:

Ice Cream And Fruits

One of the main ways to enjoy ice cream is to add something healthy to the treat. Fruits are a big part of the Mediterranean diet, and you can easily add a couple of fruits to the diet to make it a little healthier. While fruit will not reduce the calories or make the ice cream healthier, it will add some much-needed nutrients.

You must add nutrients to your ice cream meal, especially if you are replacing your healthy meal for the day with the ice cream meal. Fruits and ice cream is also a popular dessert for many people who don’t follow the Mediterranean diet.

Make Your Own Ice Cream

Ice cream is packed full of refined sugars that will result in plenty of calories for your diet. However, you can make your own ice cream if you want to, and this will make it much healthier for you, and you have control over the ingredients. You have the opportunity of replacing the refined sugars with something a little healthier.

Unfortunately, it might not taste the same as your standard ice cream. However, once you have filled the craving, you should be done, and you can move on with the rest of your diet.

Avoid Spicing Up The Ice Cream

The problem with ice cream is often not the ice cream only, and many people like to add chocolates and wafers or other sweet treats to their ice cream meals. If you are following the Mediterranean diet, you are much better off avoiding these additional sweet treats and focus on only enjoying the ice cream as it is.

If you want to add something, you might want to look at the first point. Fruits are great when combined with ice cream, and many people prefer adding some form of fruits when they are eating ice cream.


When adding unhealthy foods to your Mediterranean diet, timing is crucial. If You are already consuming plenty of calories in your day, you might want to skip eating ice cream for a while. It is best to add ice cream to your diet on days that you feel you have consumed very few calories and you only want to add more.

Eat Ice Cream Before Training Sessions

While this might be more of a workout tip than a Mediterranean tip, you should consume ice cream before rigorous training sessions. Since ice cream has plenty of calories, you should work out and reduce some of these calories to ensure that you don’t gain any weight that you don’t need.

Additionally, ice cream is packed full of sugar, and the sugar will rapidly convert into energy. The energy will be a great way to spice up your workout routines, and you might find that you are also slightly more effective in the gym.

Ice Cream On The Mediterranean Diet Summary

Ice cream is one of the most liked treats in the world, and almost everyone loves eating ice cream. Unfortunately, ice cream has plenty of calories that not everyone might want to add to their daily count. You must add ice cream sparingly, and we hope that these tips have made ice cream a more viable option to your diet.

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Ice Cream On The Mediterranean Diet

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