Can I Eat Pizza On The Mediterranean Diet?

Can I Eat Pizza On The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is packed full of great foods that you can eat and some of them taste like junk food, but they have the nutrients of any specialized diet. It is important that if you decide to eat something like pizza that you keep the nutritional value in mind. Many people have been asking;

Can I Eat Pizza On The Mediterranean Diet?

While you have to consider eating healthy on the Mediterranean diet, there is always some room for compromise. Since the body works by calories when it comes to weight loss, you must focus on foods that have few calories. However, when you consume pizza, you will need to consider reducing other calories.

This article aims to look at the Mediterranean diet and help you understand how you can incorporate certain foods. You have to bear in mind that you won’t be able to eat every pizza and that consuming it should be done occasionally. We will also look at methods to make pizza more Mediterranean diet-friendly.

Can I Eat Pizza On The Mediterranean Diet?

Pizza, especially pizza you buy can be some of the most daunting foods to include in your Mediterranean diet. They have a solid base and some great toppings, but all of these add up to a lot of calories. When it comes to pizza, the average person consumes around 3 slices per serving and these servings can add up to almost 750 calories in a single sitting.

When you take into account what your intake limit for calories is, you will find that pizza is very dense. However, you can incorporate pizza into your diet by making a few modifications or even creating your own pizzas from scratch. This will be more time-consuming, but you have full control over all the ingredients.

If you feel like you need to buy a pizza, you must try to limit the cheese and some of the meat. You will need to make sure that you look at the ingredients and ensure that it fits into your diet and does not overrule your calorie intake. This will allow you to have pizza, but you should always make sure you don’t overeat.

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5 Ways To Make Pizza Mediterranean Diet-Friendly

By now, you should have noticed that it is possible to enjoy some pizza on the Mediterranean diet. It might take some time for you to find the perfect balance, but we are here to help. We have identified a couple of methods that will help you make your pizza Mediterranean diet-friendly and ensure that you still have a good pizza:

1.      Cauliflower Crust

Instead of using the standard pizza crust, you can follow the new bandwagon of gluten-free meals. Cauliflower does not have many nutrients, but it also does not have too many calories. Since you can grind it into a fine powder, you can use the cauliflower to create a pizza base that does not have as many calories.

The cauliflower base takes some time to get used to. However, you will be able to enjoy some of your favorite pizzas with far fewer calories than some of the other base types. There are plenty of recipes on how to transform cauliflower into a crispy pizza base.

2.      Pizza Sauce

You don’t have to look very far if you are looking for a healthy pizza sauce. Nowadays, you can find great pizza sauces that do not have the sodium and calories of some of the top sauces. While the taste might not be the same as a perfect tomato base that makes a pizza pop, it should significantly reduce the calorie intake.

You can also create some of your own sauces in the comfort of your home and this will allow you to enjoy a healthy sauce and one of your choosing. It might take some practice, but cooking is always a learning process.

3.      Choosing Your Toppings

One of the biggest evils when it comes to pizza is the toppings. There are plenty of great toppings that we all enjoy on a pizza. However, not all of these toppings are healthy and you might need to cut out a few of them. Cheese is one of the biggest issues and if you don’t want to completely cut out the cheese, you might want to revert to a healthier cheese.

While meat toppings can often make a great pizza, you should try to avoid these toppings. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables that you can eat on the Mediterranean diet. It should be much better with these toppings when it comes to ensuring you remain under the limit of calories that you are supposed to consume each day.

4.      Ordering Pizza

Creating your own pizza can often be daunting and it takes a lot of time. The easier alternative is to eat the pizza that you have ordered for delivery. However, these pizzas are not the healthiest and you should avoid doing this as much as possible. You should be sure that ordering a pizza fits into your calories for the day.

If that is not the case, you can try to order vegan pizzas or even gluten-free pizzas. These have fewer calories than the standard pizzas.

5.      Monitoring Your Intake

Finally, you will have to monitor your intake of calories and you should avoid binging on these pizzas. It is fine to treat yourself to a good pizza every once in a while. However, we would recommend that you use a calorie counting application to ensure that you can perfectly monitor the intake of calories throughout the day.

Pizza On The Mediterranean Diet Summary

One of the reasons that we place so much emphasis on the Mediterranean is the fact that it works. The diet is designed to give you freedom, but you also need to take some responsibility for the freedom you get. We would love to read some of your comments and find out how you make pizza more Mediterranean diet friendly.

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Pizza On The Mediterranean Diet

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