Can You Eat Bacon On Mediterranean Diet?

Can You Eat Bacon On Mediterranean Diet

Bacon is probably one of the most delicious meals you can ever enjoy. It is something that many love and something that other hate. However, if you have ever tasted bacon, you will surely want to keep it in your diet. The downside is that it is also very unhealthy, which is why people are asking, “Can You Eat Bacon on Mediterranean Diet?”

Like almost any type of food, you can eat bacon on the Mediterranean diet. However, you should always do so in moderation and keep in mind that it is not very healthy. Many people use an air fryer that can dry out the bacon and get rid of the fat. Removing some of the fat is the only way to enjoy plenty of bacon on your diet.

Since bacon is one of the most popular dishes in the world, it stands to reason that many people are considering it as a meal and part of a meal. This article aims to look at bacon and determine how you can incorporate it into the Mediterranean diet. Of course, once you have found a healthy way you like, you will be eating much more bacon.

Can You Eat Bacon On Mediterranean Diet?

Yes, the simple answer is yes, you can eat bacon on the Mediterranean diet. However, we have mentioned that moderation is key. Much like anything you will eat on these diets, you have to do it moderately. Vegetables and fruits are almost the only meals that you can go wild with due to the fiber content and the lack of calories.

Keep in mind that one 8-gram slice of bacon will result in 43-calories being added to your daily total when cooking bacon. This means that even though you can eat bacon and add it to your diet, it is better to do so in moderation. The best way to add bacon is to spread it out through the day for flavor and not as a meal by itself.

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5 Ways To Use Bacon On The Mediterranean Diet

If you have determined that you want to add bacon to your Mediterranean diet, you might also want to know how to add it. We have dug and found some of the healthiest and most popular ways to add bacon to the Mediterranean diet. Now, you can enjoy your favorite meal without stressing about the calories.

1.      Fry Out The Fat

While the term frying out the fat might sound oxymoronic, it is something that you have to consider. Bacon is packed full of fat, and the fat should not be part of your diet. While you can do this in a pan, the bacon will still often absorb some of the fat, and this keeps the fat in the meat that is going to consume.

The air fryer is one of the best tools to help you dry out and cook the meat without consuming the fat. Generally, you have a tray that will collect all the fat, and you can dispose of it once you are done. While it will remove most of the fat, you should still consider eating only a little to keep the calories down.

2.      Consider Bacon Bits

The main reason that people love bacon is the taste, and when you combine it with different foods, it could take the meal to a new level. The bacon bits are one of the top options you can consider, and these are generally smaller bits of bacon. Once you have cooked them, they will shrink to a small size and can be mixed with foods.

To counteract the unhealthy bacon, it is best if you mix it with something healthy. A good salad or veggie meal can be a great option to consider if you want to enjoy bacon without having a guilty conscience.

3.      Smoking The Pork

Smoked pork often holds more flavor, and the taste is often better than cooking a meal. The great thing about bacon is its versatility when it comes to cooking it. While we still don’t recommend that you eat too much bacon, you can smoke your bacon. It might take slightly longer than cooking it, but the fat will also drip away.

Once cooked, you can use the smoked bacon on any of your dishes. When adding it in moderation and removing some of the other excessive calories, you can balance your calorie intake for the day. First, however, you need to make sure that you don’t sacrifice any important micronutrients for the sake of adding bacon.

4.      Bacon Flavored Spices

If it is the taste you are after and you are not as fixated about the bacon, you have plenty of alternatives to consider. You might find plenty of bacon spices on the market today, and many people have incorporated the flavor into some of their dishes. This could keep you healthy and give you the taste of eating bacon.

It might not be as good as eating the bacon by itself. However, when you are set on a proper diet, it might be one of the sacrifices you will have to make.

5.      Bacon Alternatives

The final thing to do is to consider bacon alternatives like macon. In the Muslim culture, many people have reverted to cutting out pork and finding beef alternatives. Macon does not taste the same as bacon, but it can almost feel like you are eating the same thing. It is one of the most popular alternatives you can add.

Bacon On Mediterranean Diet Summary

The Mediterranean diet and bacon do not work when you use them in the same sentence. You must avoid processed meats as much as possible and consider healthier alternatives like tuna and fish. However, you can use these methods to try to incorporate bacon or the taste of bacon into your diet. Let us know how you add bacon to your Mediterranean diet or if you just avoid it.

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Bacon On Mediterranean Diet

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