Can You Eat Chocolate On The Mediterranean Diet?

Can You Eat Chocolate On The Mediterranean Diet

Chocolate is one of the most luxurious and delightful things that we all enjoy. The taste and sweetness make it stand out from any other form of candy, which is why many choose to enjoy chocolate. Additionally, it can spike dopamine when feeling depressed.

Can you eat chocolate on the Mediterranean diet?

While it is not recommended that you eat chocolate on the Mediterranean diet, it is often inevitable that you will give in to the craving. The most important thing is not to binge eat and to indulge just enough to feed your craving. Yes, you can eat chocolate, but it should be done sparingly to avoid going over your calories.

To better understand how the Mediterranean diet works and what you should do when you have to endure a craving, we have created this article. In the article, we will focus on how much chocolate you can eat and make it more Mediterranean diet-friendly. It should help you stay on your diet while enjoying your favorite treats.

Can You Eat Chocolate On The Mediterranean Diet?

As mentioned, it is not recommended that you consume chocolate on the Mediterranean diet. However, the cravings can often be overbearing. Many people will give in. Determining how much you can eat will all come down to your current diet and how many calories you are currently consuming every day.

The main goal of your diet is that you should try to stay under the recommended calorie count every day. If you decide to indulge yourself with a little bit of chocolate, you must cut out something else to compensate for the additional calories. We recommend that you consider eating dark chocolate, which has far less sugar and is a little healthier.

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5 Ways To Make Chocolate Mediterranean Diet-Friendly

If avoiding chocolate is not something you want to do, you might consider making chocolate more Mediterranean diet-friendly. We have done some additional research to find out how to incorporate chocolate into your Mediterranean diet and not exceed your calories. Here are some of the ways to make chocolate viable on the Mediterranean diet:

Consider Dark Chocolate

As we have already mentioned, one of the first things you should consider dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has fewer calories than your standard chocolate, and it also includes plenty of healthy cocoa. You will need to look at the various percentages, but we recommend considering 90% or more when buying it.

While you might be making the shift from chocolate to dark chocolate, you also need to keep in mind that it will have plenty of calories. By limiting yourself to a couple of blocks each day, you will not exceed your caloric limit. You should work with your diet and find out how you can incorporate it into your diet.

Make Your Chocolate

Another thing that you can consider is finding a decent recipe for chocolate and creating your chocolates. The good thing about doing it yourself is that you will be aware of all the ingredients. You can also manipulate the ingredient and replace the sugar with sugar alternatives to reduce fat and calories.

Keep in mind that you might not master the recipe, and creating a bar of chocolate that gives you the perfect balance between healthy and not healthy will be a process. However, it would be best if you continued to experiment and make sure that you can find the perfect balance to sustain your Mediterranean diet.

Sugar Alternatives In Chocolate

The cocoa in the chocolate is not harmful thing for your body. Cocoa is packed full of healthy antioxidants that could keep you healthy and going. When buying chocolate, you should consider looking for chocolates made from sugar alternatives. These could be more expensive, but they also have fewer calories.

It is important that limiting the calories you consume is at the top of your priority list when you follow the Mediterranean diet, and starting with your chocolate consumption is a great way to see almost immediate results.

Gluten-Free Chocolate

The gluten products found in chocolate is often one of the worst things for your body, and it often lets you gain weight due to being calorie-dense. You can do some shopping and find gluten-free chocolates to replace your current chocolates. However, it might not always be viable for everyone as these are not the best-tasting chocolates.

One way to fill your chocolate craving while using these gluten-free chocolates is to infuse them with other food. You can use them to create beverages that will taste like chocolate without all the negative effects. Gluten0free chocolate might not be for everyone, but it is one of the best alternatives and ways for you to avoid eating chocolate.

Self-Discipline To Cut Out Chocolate

Nothing is more frustrating than following a diet that limits you from eating your favorite meals, and for many people, it is often daunting to go for long periods without their favorite snack. However, you might want to work on your self-discipline and try to cut out chocolate as much as possible or stop eating it.

At first, it can be very hard to learn a new habit, but with consistency and repetition, you should eventually make the habit part of your lifestyle. One of the best ways to make chocolate Mediterranean diet-friendly is to completely cut it out of your diet and avoid it altogether.

Chocolate On The Mediterranean Diet Summary

Chocolate is one of the most popular foods you will find, and you can find it in almost any store you go shopping. However, it is one of the worst foods you can eat when you are on the Mediterranean diet, and we recommend finding alternatives. Let us know what you think of our alternatives, and if we missed any methods, you use.

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Chocolate On The Mediterranean Diet

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