Can You Eat Pork On The Mediterranean Diet?

Can You Eat Pork On The Mediterranean Diet

Pork is one of the cheaper meat types you can eat when you are looking to follow any diet. However, many people do not consume too much pork on any diet due to it being high in fat. While many people love pork with their meal.

Can you eat pork on the Mediterranean diet?

The simple answer is yes. The Mediterranean diet is wonderful because it does not restrict you from eating anything that you might like. The diet is open for users to consume any food type. However, when looking at something like pork, you should consume it in smaller quantities.

If you love pork or bacon, the following article might be perfect for you. We will look at pork as a meal and if you should add it to your Mediterranean diet. It might not be for everyone, but we will also look at some tips to make consuming pork more Mediterranean diet-friendly. Now, you can find out how to add some pork to the Mediterranean diet.

Can You Eat Pork On The Mediterranean Diet

As mentioned, you can eat pork on the Mediterranean diet, but you should consider doing so sparingly. Pork has plenty of fat, and most cuts will have a lot of fat that you will need to get rid of. Pork can be a great addition to your meals, but you should not consume it every day or with every meal to reach your goals.

If you want to add pork to your diet, you should try to find lean cuts, and these lean cuts will have most of the fat already removed. Without so much fat, pork should offer you high levels of protein, and the protein will help with your macronutrient goals. To answer your question, yes, you can eat pork on the Mediterranean diet, but you should consider small quantities.

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5 Ways To Make Pork Mediterranean Diet-Friendly

Now that we have established that you can add pork to the Mediterranean diet, it should be much easier for you to create the perfect diet. In the following section, we will look at some of the best ways to make pork better for your diet. These tips will allow you to make better meals and keep the calories within your limit instead of cutting it out.

Find The Right Cuts

One of the first things that you can start doing is by finding the right cuts of meat. Having the right cuts of meat will make a big difference when it comes to making pork better for your Mediterranean diet. When looking for pork, we recommend cuts that do not have as much fat, which means pork belly is out of the question.

Pork fillet is probably one of the best cuts you can buy, and much like the fillet from beef, it is also one of the most nutritious. While it does not have as much fat to add flavor, you can use your cooking skills to prepare the perfect dish. We would recommend that you start by looking at cleaner cuts of meat for your pork meals.

Remove Additional Fats

While this might not seem like it will make sense, it comes down to removing additional fat. While pork already has fat inside the meat, and you can see this by looking at the marbling, you can remove some of the fat before you start cooking. You might need a knife and some butcher skills to get rid of the fat.

Additionally, you should not add additional fats to the meal. Instead of using oil to cook your pork, you can let it cook in the fat left in the pork. The fat will not only serve as oil, but once you get around to cooking the food, you will automatically cook away most of the fat that you might need to deal with or consume.

Cook Your Own Meals

While it might be easy for you to go to your local store and buy food that has already been cooked, it is far better when you cook your pork meals. The great thing about cooking your pork meals is that you have control over what you are adding. You also have the opportunity to get rid of the extra fat on the pork.

Once your pork is cooked and you have oil left in the pan, you should remove the pork as soon as possible. You can use a standard tray to let it rest, but you should get it out of the oil. As the pork cools down, it will absorb some of the fat, which will be bad for your diet.

Consider Healthy Side Meals

You will always be left with some fat and oil when cooking pork, no matter how you cut it. Since you will consume plenty of fat, it is better to balance it and consider other healthy side meals that could balance out some calories. Having a good salad with your pork meals will be great to keep the calorie count as low as possible.

Save Pork As A Treat

Bacon is one of the most common pork cuts that people love to consume. However, it is also the perfect treat. Pork is tasty, and it can spice up most dull meals. However, it would be best if you used it as a reward. If you are accomplishing something and you see some progress with your goals, pork is the best option to keep you motivated and help you feel rewarded.

Pork On The Mediterranean Diet Summary

If you love pork and love to consume bacon meals, you should consider making a few adjustments to squeeze them into your calories. These tips should make it much easier to add pork to your diet. 

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Pork On The Mediterranean Diet

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