Does Weight Watchers have a Mediterranean Diet?

Does Weight Watchers have a Mediterranean Diet

Weight Watchers is one of the oldest weight-loss programs. It was first developed back in the 1960s and since then, many people have turned to it to lose weight. It uses the principles of calorie counting to help limit calorie intake and keep your body in a calorie deficit. However, many people want to know; “Does Weight Watchers have a Mediterranean diet?”

Weight watchers does not specifically stress the Mediterranean diet and participants are allowed to eat any food they desire. The goal of the program is not the hinder a person from eating their beloved food, but rather to allow them to monitor the calorie count. However, you can incorporate the principles of the Mediterranean diet if you need to.

If you are an avid follower of the weight watcher program, you might find this article useful. The Mediterranean diet is one of the most popular and effective diets one can follow. The following article will help you see how you can incorporate both of them and ensure that you have an effective diet tailored to your needs.

What is Weight Watchers

As mentioned, the weight watchers program has been developed in the early 1960s. The aim of the diet was not to remove the foods you like, but rather incorporate all foods and monitor the calories. Once you keep tabs on the calories you consume, you should be able to lose weight by just continuing with your normal life.

The diet aims to put the control in your hands. No foods are specified and you will have to make the decisions for yourself. These decisions will entice individuals to make better decisions and consider diet more of a lifestyle than a restrictive measure that keeps you from indulging in your favorite meals every day.

When looking at the diet, there are two different forms of the diet. You can choose any one of these diets that will make it possible to follow the weight watchers program. Here is a small breakdown of each:

Points Plan

The first one is the points plan and this is where every food source is given a different point score. When you are following the diet, you have the total allotted points that you can reach each day. You can eat almost every food you like. However, the goal is to keep you from going over your allotted points and calories.

Core Plan

The second option is the core plan. The core plan does not lead to points and you won’t have to constantly look at the points of foods. However, you are limited to eat only wholesome foods. The setup of the core plan is very similar to that of the Paleo diet and also far more restrictive than the Mediterranean diet.

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4 Tips On How You Can Make The Weight Watchers Program Mediterranean Diet-Friendly

Now that you have a better understanding of the diet, you must consider if you want to blend it with the Mediterranean diet. We have identified a couple of tips that could help you change your diet slightly. If you are an avid follower of the weight watchers program, you can use these tips to integrate the Mediterranean diet:

1.      Avoid Simple Calories

One of the first things you will need to do is to avoid simple calories. These include things like excessive sugar or carbohydrates. You will need to stick to whole foods and when considering carbohydrates like bread and pasta, it is better to incorporate whole grain foods. These will fill you up much more and reduce the overall calories you consume.

There are plenty of healthy sweet foods that you can eat. When following the Mediterranean diet, it is important to make sure that even when you have a dessert that should offer some nutritional benefit to your day.

2.      Assign Points To Foods On The Mediterranean Diet

Much like the Mediterranean diet incorporates healthy foods, you can use the point system of the weight watchers program. You can set up your meals by adding a score to each meal or even every ingredient. Using the same principles as the weight watcher diet, you can set a score limit and focus on not exceeding it.

The score should be translated to calories. You must establish the base calories you need to consume every day. You can reduce the base amount by 100 or 200 calories to start losing weight. It is much easier to calculate your calories using the point scoring system, instead of using the calories that are hard to calculate.

3.      Consider Mediterranean Foods

The weight watchers programs allow you to eat almost everything you want. However, these foods are not always congruent with the Mediterranean diet. If you have a general understanding of the Mediterranean diet, you can replace some of the foods you use to eat and include more Mediterranean diet-friendly foods.

One big example can be to reduce the red meat you eat and rather incorporate chicken or fish. Fish is packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals that exceed the nutritional value of red meat.

4.      Change Your Lifestyle

The weight watchers program is designed to help you make better choices. Alternatively, the Mediterranean diet is designed to restrict you to certain foods. You must use the weight watchers programs to make better decisions. It will not feel like you are restricting yourself when you have the power to make different decisions.

No matter what you choose to do, it is all about changing your lifestyle. The more you can change your lifestyle, the better control you will have over your meals and the decisions you are making when choosing what to eat.

Does Weight Watchers have a Mediterranean Diet Summary

If you love the weight watchers programs and the freedom that comes with them, you should not get rid of them. However, the Mediterranean diet is one of the very best proven diets followed by millions of people. We hope that these tips have made it possible for you to make the changes and get the best possible results.

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