Mediterranean Diet for Autoimmune Disease

Mediterranean Diet for an Autoimmune Disease

We can be in danger when our body defenses turn into our worst enemy. However, some foods can avoid it, holding the advance of the intern threat.

According to data from the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, it is estimated that 7% percent of the population (about 23 million people) suffers from one of these kinds of diseases. Nevertheless, these diseases can be relieved thanks to some specific foods.

What are Autoimmune Diseases?

Autoimmune diseases are based on the inadequate functioning of the human body system dedicated to fighting against viruses, bacteria, or parasites. Occasionally, these are caused due to an excessive reaction to outside agents; other times, solely for the wrong functioning of our immune system. The most common symptom of all these diseases it’s the annoying and dangerous inflammation.

Applying Mediterranean Diet

Here is where our diet comes into play. There is a large number of foods with proven benefits against the inflammation, such as berries, leafyMediterranean Diet for Autoimmune Disease vegetables, olive oil, nuts, fish, garlic, avocado, whole grains, and foods with high levels of vitamin D.

All the previously mentioned foods constitute a large part of the so-called Mediterranean diet. This diet consists mainly of consuming fresh and natural foods while eliminating sugar, alcohol, red meat, and all kinds of processed foods.

These foods represent a short-term solution in the treatment of the autoimmune symptoms, such as the relief of the inflammation. The medical industry has added the chemical agents of natural foods as anti-inflammatory medicines in recent years.

Likewise, other beneficial effects on the prevention and treatment of several health conditions are attributed to the Mediterranean diet. These benefits would be mediated by different mechanisms, which include.

  • Rising antioxidant levels
  • Modifying intestinal fauna
  • Favoring anti-inflammatory effects (due to omega three and omega 6)
  • Possibly decreasing inflammation through other ways.

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Mediterranean Diet and Future Advantages

Moreover, following the Mediterranean diet strictly can bring more benefits in the short term that derive in other benefits in the long term.Autoimmune Disease For example, high levels of markers of inflammation are closely related to bad sleep quality according to research. Eating foods based on a Mediterranean diet could lower levels of inflammation, resulting in a less-disturbed sleep. Therefore, the Mediterranean diet can also bring benefits in the long term, as a better rest at night helps the body in several ways.

As a result of an anti-inflammatory diet, patients with autoimmune diseases can reduce the risk of heart disease, some cancers, and diabetes by a considerable margin. According to studies, the closer and longer the patient follows the Mediterranean diet, the better health benefits can see in the future.

Always Check With A Doctor

Inflammation is a high-risk factor for people’s health. It is essential to go to the doctor for professional treatment in case of suffering an autoimmune disease. However, patients should look up to a diet that favors their health. A wrong diet could worsen the effects of the autoimmune disease.

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