Mediterranean Diet vs Dash Diet – Which is better?

Mediterranean Diet vs Dash Diet

The Mediterranean diet is probably one of the most popular diets on the market today. It is one of the diets that many people follow and often get great results from. However, the DASH diet is another popular option designed to lower blood pressure.

What is the difference between the Mediterranean diet and the Dash diet?

The main difference between these two diets lies in what they target. For the Mediterranean diet, the main focus is on reducing your intake of meat and considering more intake of fruits and vegetables. Alternatively, the DASH diet focuses on lowering blood pressure and ensuring that you remain healthy for longer.

The fact of the matter is that both diets are effective, and both should offer you some health benefits. These two diets are designed that they can also be used in unison with one another. This article aims to reveal some of the key differences between the Mediterranean and the DASH diets.

What Is The Difference Between Mediterranean Diet And Dash Diet?

When looking at different diets, you need to keep in mind that many follow the same basic principles. With every diet, the aim is to reduce the caloric intake below your expenditure, and this will give you some form of way to reduce your weight. The Mediterranean diet and DASH diets are no different.

The DASH diet aims to reduce blood pressure in patients. However, it also works to reduce the cholesterol of patients. By eating specific foods and cutting out others, you can keep your blood pressure better regulated for better results. However, it should take some time for you to see any noticeable changes.

Aside from a few minute differences, some of the main differences include the Mediterranean diet promoting more fruits and vegetables. Alternatively, you will also find that the Mediterranean diet will often emphasize fish consumption and reduce your intake of dairy products.

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Mediterranean Diet

If you are one of our regular readers, you should know everything there is to know about the Mediterranean diet. The diet is one of the oldest you can find, and the emphasis of the diet is to reduce your intake of red meat. The reduction of red meat means you will have less protein, but you will be making it up with a higher concentration of fish meals.

To better understand the Mediterranean diet, you will have to look at foods that are commonly found and consumed around the Mediterranean Sea. These foods are often fresh and light, which means they are easy to prepare, and many of them can often be consumed in their natural raw form.

Even though the primary goal of the DASH diet is to prevent any blood and cholesterol issues, the Mediterranean diet can also be an excellent option for those that have these issues, and it will also target them. The rich vegetable meals and fruits often mean that the diet is great for detox, and there are plenty of antioxidants you can benefit from.

In terms of a sweet tooth, you will find that the Mediterranean diet limits you to these foods. The diet is not made for those with a sweet tooth. However, the sugar you get from fruits and some of the other foods will often fill these cravings, and you won’t need to deal with them while following the diet.

Overall, the Mediterranean diet is one of the most balanced diets you can follow. Yes, you will be reduced in the different meats you consume. However, you will still get all the nutrients needed to ensure you live a fulfilling lifestyle. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of the Mediterranean diet:


  • Perfectly balanced nutrition
  • Light meals
  • Plenty of micronutrients
  • Great for detoxing your body
  • Available year-round
  • Can reduce gout significantly


  • You are severely limited on sweet foods


On the other hand, the Dash diet is another great diet, and it shares similar properties to the Mediterranean diet. You will need to control your calories, and you have certain guidelines that you need to follow when it comes to the foods you consume. The Dash diet does not limit you as much when it comes to dairy products and meats, though.

However, you will be reducing the intake of your meats to work with the lowering of the blood pressure and control your blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, the DASH diet also eliminates all forms of alcohol, which means that you will need to get used to drinking more water, or you can drink some dairy products as well.

The DASH diet is one that many people often choose due to it being so easy to follow. However, it is not the easiest diet to follow when it comes to consistency. You might be much better with the Mediterranean diet due to the variety of foods you can consume and the versatility that the diet offers the person.

One of the main reasons to follow the DASH diet is to reduce different illnesses, and these illnesses can be in the form of brain and physical. The DASH diet works well for some of the elderly to ensure that they don’t need to deal with all the hassles of finding different fruits, and with the DASH diet, you can get into a habit.


  • More protein to choose from
  • Ideal for physical and mental issues
  • Easier to get into a habit
  • Great food options
  • You can eat more sweets


  • No alcohol is allowed
  • It is one of the hardest diets to get started with

Mediterranean Diet vs Dash Diet Summary

The Mediterranean and ash diets are two of the most popular diets on the market today. Both of them are designed to make life easier and to allow you to remain healthier. However, the Mediterranean diet is more versatile and easier to stick to. Let us know in the comment section which of these diets you prefer or have followed.

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