Tips To Make The Mediterranean Diet Vegan

Tips To Make The Mediterranean Diet Vegan

The Mediterranean diet is one of the, if not the most, popular diets in the world. However, it can be adjusted to suit the needs of any person that is looking to lose some weight. One of the most common questions that people like to ask is, “Is Mediterranean diet vegan?” and how to make it more vegan if needed.

The traditional Mediterranean diet features eggs and chicken as part of the top protein sources. However, fish is also one of the main sources that we often recommend. Fortunately, you can replace these protein sources with more vegan sources, and these protein sources will still help you lose some weight.

This article aims to show you how you can remove some of the main protein sources. Keep in mind that protein is a staple of the human body, and you need protein to ensure that you can survive and recover from daily workouts. Now, you can use a few alternatives to ensure that your diet matches your needs.

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7 Tips To Make The Mediterranean Diet Vegan

We have identified a couple of tips that you can use to ensure that the Mediterranean diet is tailored to your specific needs. These tips can be adjusted, and you don’t need to use the food sources we recommend, but they are only suggestions. Here are a couple of tips that you can use to make the Mediterranean diet more vegan:

1.      Replacing Fish And Chicken With Tofu

Tofu is a specialized dish, and some people like it and others don’t. However, tofu is a great alternative to consider. Fish and chicken generally have around 20-grams of protein per 100-gram serving. Alternatively, tofu only has 8-grams of protein per 100-gram serving. It might not seem like much, but it adds up.

Tofu is a versatile dish, and you can mix it with almost every meal. The flavor might not be on the level of something like fish. However, you can do more with it than you can do with fish and chicken. Tofu generally tastes like whatever you use for cooking it with or the spices and sauces you will start adding.

2.      Almond Milk Over Milk

General milk is considered a good part of the Mediterranean diet, especially when you look at products like yogurt. While yogurt is not something that you often eat on a diet, it is a great option that will help with your diet. However, you can replace it with almond milk if you are looking for a vegan alternative.

When looking at almond milk in general, it is healthier than most dairy products. The almonds are higher in protein, which ensures that you replace the fish and chicken sources. Almond milk takes a while to get used to if you have not had it yet. However, it will be a good alternative to make sure you stay away from animal product derivatives.

3.      Add More Beans To Your Diet

When you start cutting out animal products from your diet, you will notice that your protein macronutrient is lagging. You might be fine with the micronutrients to ensure you stay healthy. However, green beans and black beans are perfect for replacing your protein sources to make sure you have enough.

The benefit of beans is that you don’t only need to eat them. There are tons of different protein shakes. These protein shakes are made from beans, and they do not have any animal products. Keep in mind that the protein will not be as high, but you can make sure that you get your fix of protein when you eat more often.

4.      Omega Supplements To Replace Fish

One of the biggest issues with cutting fish is that you won’t have access to omega 3 so readily. The body needs omega 3 to help your body create omega 6. The omega nutrients are great for helping with arthritis and osteoporosis, and fish is probably one of the best sources to ensure that you get all of these omegas.

Fortunately, you can find omega supplements from any store. These supplements will help you to get enough omega 3 to ensure you make up for replacing the fish. We would recommend drinking these capsules at least once per day if you don’t consume fish.

5.      Vegan Egg Alternatives

There are a couple of great alternatives and products that give you vegan eggs. Since eggs are derived from chickens or turkey, you will want to avoid them. However, eggs are some of the best products to get more protein in your system. Fortunately, there are plenty of different alternatives that can be used for eggs, including the different vegan egg products.

6.      Vegetables And Fruits To Enhance Nutrients

When you add meat to your diet, it has plenty of benefits. Minerals like iron are found in red meat, but there are plenty of other great nutrients that your body will need. While you can find plenty of it in vegetables, it is not available in the same quantities as you find in meat.

This means that you would need to increase your intake of other fruits and vegetables. Broccoli is one of the best alternatives to ensure you have enough iron. However, you can use almost any green vegetable to replace the iron from meat. Try to increase veggies and fruits more often if you can when you cut out meat products.

7.      Give Yourself Time To Adjust

Finally, you will need to give yourself and your body some time to adjust. Once your body has adjusted to a vegan diet, you will have more energy and learn to live by consuming less protein. Try to balance your protein, and if you can, you should measure your macronutrient intake when possible.

Is Mediterranean Diet Vegan Summary

Now that you have seen the top tips to enhance your Mediterranean diet, you should be ready to enjoy your life and diet. The Mediterranean diet is a great option to improve your health and reach your health goals. Let us know in the comment section if we have missed any of your favorite meat alternatives and tips.

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Mediterranean Diet Vegan

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