What Are The Top Staple Foods Of The Mediterranean Diet?

What Are The Top Staple Foods Of The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is one of the most well-known diets you can choose from. However, the diet has a variety of foods that one can eat. However, much like every other diet, there are a few main foods that are the staples of the diet. Ever wondered what the top staple foods of the Mediterranean Diet are?

When looking at the Mediterranean diet, vegetables and fruits make up the most important diet foods. You can incorporate them into every meal, and they are packed with healthy vitamins and nutrients. However, white meats like chicken and fish also seem to be some of the most popular foods you can look at.

Since there are so many different foods and food sources on the market, you might want to know which foods make up the bulk of Mediterranean diet meals. The following article aims to let you know which foods are the best for your meals, and you can use them to get started when building your pantry for the Mediterranean diet.

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6 Staples Foods Of A Mediterranean Diet

Before we get into the list, you should keep in mind that there are many more foods that you can look at. The following options are some of the basics, and they can work with almost every meal. In essence, these are some of the food sources that you will be eating daily for the most part when following the Mediterranean diet:

1.      Fruits

One of the first things you will need to get used to with the Mediterranean diet is fruits. You will be increasing the number of fruits you eat each day. Fruits have natural sugars, which can also lead to you gaining weight. However, tons of micronutrients are hard to find aside from supplementation. These are common in fruits.

When we think of fruits, we are referring to things like berries. Berries are some of the best foods you can eat due to the antioxidants found in the fruits. Pineapples and watermelons are great sources for your diet. They are low in calories, and they have a lot of fiber that will speed up your metabolism as well.

2.      Whole Grains

Carbohydrates are often seen as bad food. However, when you eat whole grains, you will fill up your stomach much faster. Most whole grains are low GI, which means they take longer to burn off in your body and will provide you with a consistent flow of energy. You must eat foods on the lower side of the GI scale.

Some popular foods that you would want to include are brown rice, quinoa, and whole-wheat bread. The benefit is that you will eat a smaller quantity in one serving. Overall, this will lead to consuming fewer calories. The fewer calories you consume, the more weight you can lose due to being in a calorie deficit most of the day.

3.      Nuts And Seeds

There are tons of different nuts and seeds that you can add to your diet. Nuts, in general, are healthy, and they are stacked with healthy fats that will improve your mind and body. Keep in mind that nuts are also high in protein when compared to other snacks. This makes it possible for you to reach your macronutrient goals.

Nuts like almonds are some of the most popular foods on the market today. Eating nuts and seeds will allow you to reach some of your micronutrient goals as well. While we have suggested almonds as one of the best sources, you can consider all nuts. However, we don’t recommend salted nuts or peanuts due to the high sodium content.

4.      Olive Oil

Olive oil is probably the first and most important change you will make. If you have been eating other oil sources or butter, you might need to reconsider. Many of these oils are packed with saturated fats. These saturated fats can lead to heart disease, which means you can also pick up some weight and get serious diseases.

Olive oil does not have saturated fats, and it is one of the most versatile food sources on the market today. You can use it as part of any meal, and improve the overall health of your meals and the quality. Olive oil might be expensive, but keep in mind that you only use it a little bit each time.

5.      Fish And Seafood

Protein is the most important source of nutrients that you and your body will need. Since you will try to cut some of the other meat sources, you need to replace it with something healthy. Fish and seafood are packed with healthy nutrients that will help you reach these goals. You can also eat them almost every day.

Salmon is probably one of the best fish products you can look at. It is packed with a lot of protein, but it also contains omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids will improve your overall health, but they can help with cognitive function. If you have any joint problems, salmon once a week can help reduce symptoms.

6.      Vegetables

Finally, you will always need to include vegetables as part of your diet. It does not matter if you are following the Paleo, Keto, or Mediterranean diet. Vegetables are important. Veggies are the main source of nutrients in a diet, especially things like fiber and iron. You must incorporate vegetables as part of your everyday diet.

When speaking of veggies, we are referring to greens specifically. Things like broccoli and spinach are important to get enough iron and improve your blood platelets. However, almost any vegetable should suffice.

What Are The Top Staple Foods Of The Mediterranean Diet Summary

The Mediterranean diet is one of the most impressive and user-friendly diets on the market. It is easy to follow and you don’t need a professional to guide you with your meals. As long as you use the above-mentioned foods as the core ingredients, you will see significant health improvements.

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Staple Foods Of The Mediterranean Diet

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