What Does The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid Represent?

What Does The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid Represent

One of the most unique things that you can follow is the Mediterranean diet. It is the complete diet in the world, and there are plenty of tips and guides that will assist you in looking at this diet. The pyramid schematic is something that many people often look at. However, we have to answer the question of:

What Does The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid Represent?

There are various versions of the Mediterranean pyramid that you can find. Some are more refined, while others have fewer levels and group more foods into the same level. However, the purpose of the diet is to indicate which foods you can eat. The higher up on the pyramid, the less frequently you should consume these foods.

To give you a better understanding of the pyramid and the foods that it contains, we have created this guide. We will look at some of the pyramid elements and show you which foods are the most common and which you should consider. The explanation of the schematics will give you a clear indication of what to eat and how much.

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Each Level Of The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid Explained

As mentioned, there are various levels on the diet, and each of them ranges in size. They indicate the type of food you should consider eating and the quantity. We have used one of the most common forms of the pyramid for you to follow. However, there are plenty of other schematics that dive deeper into the foods or group more of them:

Level 0

The first level on the Mediterranean diet cannot be classified as part of the pyramid. However, it forms the basis of the pyramid, and it is the basis of what keeps us alive. The first level consists of things like water that we need to consume every day to survive, and it also includes some of the essential things we need to eat every day.

It is recommended that you drink around eight glasses of water every day. The water will keep your body hydrated and help you stay healthy. However, this is not only for the Mediterranean diet, and it is something we should do regardless of following the Mediterranean diet.

Level 1 – Fruits And Vegetables

The first real level of the diet is things that you should consume every day. These include the vegetables and the fruits that we have to consume to get enough vitamins and minerals. When looking at the first level of the diet, you will be looking for things that will keep you healthy, like fruits and vegetables.

You must eat at least a couple of fruits and a few servings of vegetables every day. These can also form the basis of the meals you are preparing. It would be best to have these with every meal you consume to ensure that you remain healthy and get all the nutrients you might need.

Level 2 – Olive Oil, Nuts, And Whole Grains

The second level of the pyramid is more complex, and it features different foods like carbohydrates that sustain you and give you energy throughout the day. These foods will be some of the accessories you add to your meals when cooking, including fresh herbs and spices. Olive oil is one of the main features here.

Whole grains are good for carbohydrates and can be consumed every day. However, they are slightly different from the first level, and you should not consume them with every meal. A better definition of the second level is foods you can consume at least once a day to keep you full and healthy.

In terms of energy production, you will be looking at some of these foods. They are often all vegan, which means that the digestive process does not take as long as consuming things like meats and poultry.

Level 3 – Fish & Seafood

Fish is considered a staple on the Mediterranean diet, especially salmon and tuna. When you look at the third level of the Mediterranean diet, you will fish and other seafood. Not only are these foods packed with vitamins and healthy oils for your body, but they also feature protein that will help with building muscle.

It is recommended that you consume these foods no fewer than two times per week. However, two times per week should be enough to combine the different levels to create a complete Mediterranean diet. We recommend this as one of the most essential levels of the diet to ensure you are fed and healthy.

Level 4 – Poultry, Eggs, And Dairy

The 4th level of the Mediterranean diet is one of the more advanced levels. You will find chicken, turkey, eggs, and other dairy products on this level, which should help create the perfect meals for your diet. These foods are consumed at least once per week, but you should not overeat of them.

Level 5 Meats & Sugars

The final level of the diet is foods that should be consumed very sporadically. If you consume them once or twice a month, it should be fine. These foods are often considered empty calories, and they might even be hard on the stomach, which means that digestion can take some time and slow your metabolism.

Here is a great article that shows which sweets you can eat on the Mediterranean Diet

While red meat might have plenty of protein, the downside is in the calories and fats. It can spike your daily intake of calories, which might not be very healthy for your needs. We recommend that you don’t consume them more than once a week or twice in one month.


Mediterranean Diet Pyramid Summary

The Mediterranean pyramid is one of the best ways to determine which foods you should buy or add to your diet. You can follow the pyramid to ensure that you don’t overeat and make sure that you get all the diet’s health benefits. Let us know in the comment section if you have used the Mediterranean pyramid for your diets.

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What Does The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

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