What Is At The Top Of The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid?

Top Of The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

The Mediterranean diet is often shown as a pyramid, which refers to how much and what you can eat when you are on the diet. The pyramid gets smaller, leading to the food you should avoid and consume in smaller quantities

What is at the top of The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid?

At the top of the pyramid, you are bound to find foods like red meat and sugars. These are some of the foods that are not great for your body, and you might struggle to digest them when on the Mediterranean diet. However, you can still consume it. You need to reduce your intake and make sure you don’t eat too much.

If you are still unsure which foods you can consume on the Mediterranean diet, this article should be for you. Instead of dealing with all the other levels as we did in a previous article, we will only be looking at the top of the diet. We will be considering the foods and how much of each food type you can consume.

What Is The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid?

Anyone who has tried the Mediterranean diet must have heard about the pyramid and how it helps you choose the foods you can eat. The pyramid is designed to show you which foods you can consume and which foods you should be cautious of consuming. It also shows you which are staple foods and which foods might only be consumed a couple of times per week.

Starting from the bottom, you will find the most common foods. These are the foods like fruits and vegetables, and you can consume as much of them as you desire. These foods should also make up every meal. You should try to add one food item per meal. Moving up the pyramid, we get to foods that can still be consumed but in a lower dose and fewer times each day.

The great thing about the Mediterranean diet is that you can eat almost anything. It would be best if you simply considered how it fits into the chart, and this will give you an idea of how often you might want to consume it. Once we reach the top of the pyramid, we find some delicacies that should only be consumed a couple of times per week.

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What Is At The Top Of The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid?

Considering the Mediterranean diet pyramid, you will find that sweets and red meats make up most of the top section. One of the reasons for this is that these foods are packed with plenty of fat, and they are often also harder to digest. It can take the body significant time to comfortable pass read meat and extract all the nutrients.

While dairy products are lower on the pyramid, you should avoid some dairy drinks that have plenty of sugar. You will find that they will also rank among the top step of the pyramid, which means you should not consume as much of the product as you can. You should always limit your intake of the foods at the top of the Mediterranean diet.

One of the reasons for avoiding these foods is also the high content of fat. Fat is hard for the body to break down, and for many people, it can slow down the metabolism significantly. It would be best if you tried to avoid eating as much of these foods as you think. They can hamper your fitness progress and even allow you to put on a couple of pounds if not controlled.

Examples Of Foods At The Top Of The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

Now that you are aware of certain foods on the Mediterranean diet, you might be wondering which foods are present. Fortunately, we have created this list to make it easier for you. This might not encompass all foods, but we believe you should find some of the most common foods that people like to consume.

Sweets Or Sugar

The downside to consuming too many sweets or sugar is the spike of insulin in the body. Once the spike has dropped, you might have a couple of cravings, which could lead to cheating on your diet. Sugar also converts to fat, and if you don’t expend the fat of the sweets, you might find that it will get stored in your body.

Red Meat

Many people can argue that red meat is healthy and when you look at the protein makeup, red meat is one of the best meats you choose for your diet. It is packed with protein, and when cooked correctly, it is something you can enjoy. However, red meat takes a long time to digest in the stomach. It can be hard for you to keep up a fast metabolism with red meat consumption.

Sweetened Dairy

While you can consume dairy on the Mediterranean diet, options like Greek yogurt are what you should be looking for. Sweetened dairy products might be tasty, but the combination of dairy and sugar is a recipe that never works out well. You should consider choosing one or the other if you are looking for a subtle treat.

Fast Food

The easy way for people living a busy lifestyle to eat is by consuming plenty of fast food. However, it won’t be helpful if you consume too much fast food and just put back the calories you have lost. You must limit fast food intake to maybe once a week if you need to eat it.


Top Level Of The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid Summary

The Mediterranean diet pyramid is one of the most helpful tools when it comes to choosing food. It will help you make much better decisions, and you should be able to lose some weight if you are on a diet. Let us know which foods you crave on the top level of the pyramid and if we have missed any of your favorites.

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What Is At The Top Of The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

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