What Is The Best Sweetener On The Mediterranean Diet?

What Is The Best Sweetener On The Mediterranean Diet

Consuming healthy foods is the number one priority when following the Mediterranean diet, and while it can be hard for many people, you might need to cut sugar out of your hot beverages. Fortunately, you can choose sweeteners to replace the sugar.

What is the best sweetener on the Mediterranean diet?

If you are looking for only one option, honey is the first one that comes to mind. Honey, especially organic honey, is produced by nature, and it does not have any processed sugars added. The flavor is naturally sweet, and when you add it to your favorite hot beverages, you are sure to have a good replacement for sugar.

However, honey is not the only option on the market today, and we have researched which products you can use for sweeteners on the Mediterranean diet. This article aims to educate you on the different options available when it comes to adding a sweetener to the Mediterranean diet.

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6 Sweetener Options On The Mediterranean Diet

There are a variety of different options that you can use when it comes to sweetening your favorite hot beverages. Fortunately, we have done some research to find the healthiest options that should not affect your diet. Here are some of the best options that you can use to sweeten your drinks on the Mediterranean diet:


One of the first options that you can consider is adding a touch of honey to your beverages. Honey is the sugar of nature, and it is naturally made by bees and collected before being jarred and sold to the public. If it is organic honey, no additives will be added, making the honey that much healthier for you to consume.

By replacing sugar with honey, you will get all the benefits of honey. It is great for your immune system and packed full of healthy vitamins and minerals. However, the best part is that honey will dissolve when you add it to hot beverages, serving as sugar. You can drink a sweet hot beverage made with honey and still stay in your diet.

Frozen Or Dried Fruits

Fruit is naturally packed with sugars that have not been refined, and fruits also offer a great way to sweeten your drinks when you need to. Additionally, fruit is a versatile food item, and it can be frozen or dried out. Many people choose to add frozen fruit slices to their drinks to add something sweet that tastes a little bit better.

However, fruits still have plenty of sugar, and you should limit your intake if you are looking to lose some weight. By consuming a few fruits, you will also get some of the healthy minerals and vitamins found in many of these fruits. It is up to you to determine if fruits are ideal for your needs and if you want to use them in beverages.

Sugar Alternatives

If you have ever gone shopping, the chances are that you have seen many sweetener products on the shelves. While many people still debate how healthy these products are, many people tend to lose some weight by consuming some of these healthier sugar alternatives, and it can help you keep your weight under control.

While these sweeteners should not be overused, the great thing about the Mediterranean diet is that you have versatility. If you add some of these sweeteners and have plenty of calories, you can make up for it later with other meals. However, you will need to determine which of these sweeteners are effective for your needs.

Pure Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup is one of the most popular syrups consumes by many people around the world, and it stems directly from the Maple tree. While not all of these syrups are healthy and ideal for your diet, if you can find pure Maple Syrup, you should find that it can help you reach your weight goals and add some flavor to your drinks.

Unfortunately, the calorie content in Maple Syrup is still very high, and while the taste is something you will need to get used to, you need to limit yourself. Much like adding sugar alternatives, Maple Syrup should be a last resort if you cannot add honey to the drink. However, it can certainly spice up many drinks and add a sweet flavor.

Brown Sugar

While this might be debatable among many experts, brown sugar can also serve as a great alternative. Unlike white sugar, brown sugar tends to be less sweet, and if you add the same amount of brown sugar as you would white sugar, you will slightly by reducing the caloric intake to help you lose weight.

However, many people like to argue this point, and it will come down to what you believe and your personal preference. By choosing some of the other options we have already listed, you should avoid this argument of choosing between white and brown sugar.

No Sugar

For many people, reducing their sugar intake is hard, and when they consume hot beverages like coffee or tea, it is nice to have something sweet added. However, the most effective way to get results on the Mediterranean diet is to do away with sugar completely. It might take a little more time to get used to the taste, but you will notice that eventually, coffee with sugars is too sweet.

Best Sweetener On The Mediterranean Diet Summary

Sugar is one of the biggest killers in the world, and it has always been the enemy of those looking to lose weight or transform their body into something more desirable. You can use these alternatives to help you make the switch and find the right option for your specific needs. Let us know in the comment section which alternative you find the most useful.

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Best Sweetener On The Mediterranean Diet

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