What To Eat With Hummus On Mediterranean Diet?

What To Eat With Hummus On Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet as a whole is one of the if not the most popular diets in the world. It incorporates a variety of different foods that range from protein to carbs. However, hummus is a great adaptation and a portion of versatile food that you can look into to ensure that you can include why many people ask what to eat with hummus on the Mediterranean Diet?

Hummus by itself might be a portion of boring food. However, when you combine it with vegetables, it gives you a flavorful spread full of nutrients. Vegetables are important, but other food types could be just as great when combined with hummus. You have a world of different flavors to play with when cooking with it.

This article aims to see which foods are the best to incorporate with hummus. We will look at the nutrients that will be offered with each meal and how hard it is to prepare. If you love your hummus and you want to add it to some of your meals, you can use this article to help you do so when cooking.

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6 Foods You Can Eat With Hummus On The Mediterranean Diet

Before we dive into the list, you should keep in mind that the foods we mentioned can be swopped out. For instance, fish has great nutritional value, but there are various forms and fish types. Each of them has a unique taste and different nutritional makeup. The guide is only to give you some creative ideas to incorporate into your diet:

1.      Vegetables

Many people consider hummus part of the carbohydrate family, and chickpea is a great form of carbohydrates. However, it is packed full of flavor, and for individuals having a hard time stomaching their vegetables, hummus is a good addition to add to the mix. It is also easy to cook and should be added in various forms.

Hummus has plenty of vitamins, but you might also plug the holes of nutrients that you could miss when you combine it with vegetables. It is light on the stomach, which makes it a great snack as well. However, Hummus can serve as a binding agent to help you bring the vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, and peppers) together and help you consume them much better.

2.      Slices of bread

There are different bread sources to look at when you are on the Mediterranean diet. You want to avoid simple carbs. Things like white bread might not be the best source of carbohydrates. However, a grilled pita made from whole-wheat flour should be a good option. The pita serves as a pocket that can be filled and stuffed with your favorite meals.

When you decide to go this route, you might want to add some form of protein to the mix. Nuts and other protein sources should be great for making up the protein deficit that many people might experience. We would recommend adding hummus to your whole-wheat bread diets as a source of vitamins and nutrients.

Click here to see what breads you can eat on the Mediterranean Diet.

3.      Bagels

A healthy bagel is hard to find, and when you find a good bagel, the obvious choice is to add some form of sauce. Many people opt for mayonnaise or cream cheese. However, the fat content in these different spreads is not healthy, and they could lead to significant weight gain if you eat them consistently.

Hummus is the answer, and you can replace your spreads with hummus if you want to add more flavor. The great thing about hummus is that it can be prepared in a variety of ways. You can add spinach to increase the flavor or any other vegetable that you want to add. Since it is a great option to consider, you want to try it with your favorite bagels.

4.      Breakfast Carbohydrates

The traditional breakfast most people think about has bacon and eggs. When you follow the Mediterranean diet, you want to avoid foods that are so high in fat with limited nutrients. Bacon is generally replaced, but the real issue is with the toast. Most people choose white bread for their toast, which is unhealthy.

Since carbohydrates play an important role in keeping you full during the mornings, you might want to consider adding some hummus. Instead of bread, you can mix it with your eggs and even add some spinach for good measure. Such a meal should be packed full of nutrients and give you some healthy options.

5.      Meats

There are only a select few types of meat that people often consider for the Mediterranean diet, and you must find the right option for your needs. However, you cannot rely on only protein if you want to stay full. While there are a few healthy carbohydrate sources, hummus is one of the most flavorful.

No matter which meat you choose to eat during the day, you can replace your rice and pasta dishes by adding a little bit of hummus. Since it is such a versatile food source, it also serves as a spread. When using it as a spread, you can greatly enhance the flavor of your steaks or even your chicken dishes. Many people prefer to skip when adding it to fish.

6.      Hummus Dessert

We all like something warm and sticky when ordering or making a dessert. However, hummus is a versatile food source like we mentioned. You can use it to form a part of your dessert menu, and you might even incorporate it as the basis for the dessert. It is low in calories and can add tons of flavor to your dishes.

Keep in mind that you will need to control your intake, and too much of anything is bad, no matter how healthy you think it is.

What To Eat With Hummus On Mediterranean Diet Summary

If you are serious about the Mediterranean diet and you want to add some creative foods to your meals, you might need to give hummus a try. These are only a couple of the foods that should be great when hummus is added. Let us know in the comment section if we have missed any other of your favorite foods to use with hummus.

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Hummus On Mediterranean Diet

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