Working Out While on the Mediterranean Diet

Working Out While on the Mediterranean Diet

One of the pieces of the puzzle, when it comes to weight loss and health, is exercise.  So many ask, can you lose weight on the Mediterranean diet? 

The Mediterranean diet, combined with a good exercise program, is the ideal approach to lose weight.  Healthy fats, lean protein, and vegetables make up the diet, which are the foundation of a healthy and clean diet. 

Mediterranean Workout

While there is no ‘Mediterranean Workout’ as such, it’s highly advisable to try and get as much exercise as possible when on this diet if you want to feel and look your best.

One particularly good style of training is HIIT. This stands for ‘High-Intensity Interval Training.’  What makes it so effective is that you’re Working Out While on the Mediterranean Dietcombining bursts of very high exertion exercise (think sprints) with shorter periods of relatively low-intensity jogging or walking.

This type of regiment is far more efficient when compared with more prolonged bouts of exercise.  It helps you to lose a lot more calories in a shorter timeframe.

Moreover, though, this kind of training is excellent for your heart and your energy levels.

Studies show that training like this helps to boost VO2 max (the amount of oxygen you can use at any given time) as well as mitochondrial efficiency (just like the fruits and vegetables we were discussing before).

Also important is to think about your broader lifestyle – if you have an office job, then you probably aren’t getting all that much exercise during the day.

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Just walking more, spending more time in the sun, and playing sports on the beach can do incredible wonders for your health. Consider buying something like a fitness tracker and counting your steps to find out just how much you’re moving on a given day.

Another way to try and live the Mediterranean Lifestyle is just to get outside more and to go for moonlit walks. When you do this regularly, you’ll be burning calories and improving your health without putting any thought to it.

Just like eating, movement, and exploring should be fun and natural. When you take the foot off the gas and slow down, you ironically give yourself more time to do the things you love, and that supports your health.

Add in some energy-boosting vitamins and minerals, and you’ll be ready to transform your health once and for all!

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